Ocean Sunset Painting Kit

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This one is so stunningly gorgeous!! We'll be making this in the store on Thursday February 23rd at 2pm pm live! So you can follow along or if you miss it you can always refer back to the live video on our Facebook page. Click here to rsvp and watch along! https://fb.me/e/1YgrBL1UK

Each kit comes with a precision laser cut birch frame layered on mdf. The wood quilt pieces are backed with 3M double sided tape for easy assembly after painting. We include everything you need to paint the project too! Paints in red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and white, a flat nylon bristle brush, and one paint palette for easy mixing.  Instructions for assembling all pieces after painting are also included.

Measuring 18 inches high and a little over 10.25 inches wide it will make a beautiful, handmade addition to your home décor.

This is a very forgiving project that any adult can easily do. Try it, you'll love the feeling of creativity and relaxation it brings.